• Αbstracts must be written in English

• One registered author may present a maximum of 2 (two) abstracts.

• Oral and poster presentations are of equal scientific significance. Reviewers will choose one or the other mode of presentation considering the best way to disseminate the abstract information, as well as the preference of the author.

• Each accepted abstract must be presented by at least one registered and paid author.

• Accepted abstracts will be removed from the program if no presenting author has completed the registration process by one month before the conference, i.e. by August 20th, 2021.

• How to submit your abstract: Your abstract submission consists of two parts:
A short Summary (100 words maximum), which you will have to type in the submission portal

A full abstract (2 page pdf to upload in the submission portal).
Abstract template is available for download at this link.

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