Andrea Onetti

When I started my journey into sensor world, sensors were an anomaly. Today, after only a quarter of a century, the world around us is full of sensors, most of which are connected to the cloud. By measuring multiple variables in the analog world and digitalizing them, sensors are a key enabler of the third and fourth waves of Artificial Intelligence Era: the Sensing AI and the Autonomous AI Eras, respectively. Daily and with tireless pace, the sensors inflate the Big Data digital world sphere. Internet of Things and Augmented reality technologies allow human kind to properly use the data collected by the sensors. But this is only one face of the coin. Indeed, once these data are fed in the latest generation algorithms of the big companies, they boost the profit of those companies and we became the means to others’ end. Sensors became a new source of human behavioral surplus with more predictive power, accelerating the transition toward surveillance capitalism, where free will and critical thinking are at risk.

In this talk, after highlighting the key milestones of sensor development in the last twenty-five years and the future trend, I will argue how I see feasible the symbiosis between the Big Data, free will, critical thinking and a more transparent digital world.


Andrea Onetti is Group Vice President in the Analog, MEMS and Sensors Group and General Manager of ST’s MEMS Sensors Division and has held this position since February 2016.
Onetti joined STMicroelectronics’ R&D Lab in Castelletto, Italy, in 1990, as a designer of mixed-signal audio IC’s and moved into Product Management five years later, in charge of Marketing for Consumer Audio. Under his leadership, his organization became a Product Division and Onetti’s scope was enlarged to include management of planning, operation, and quality of audio products. In 2011, ST created the Audio and Sound Business Unit, targeting the whole audio chain, from detectors (MEMS microphones) to transducers (MEMS speakers), under Onetti’s charge. Most recently, he added responsibility for the Analog and Audio Systems Division, including catalog analog standard products.
Onetti has several patents for analog circuit implementations in the Audio domain.
Andrea Onetti was born in Pavia, Italy, in 1965, and graduated with a Degree in Microelectronics from University of Pavia.

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