Pino Strangi

In recent years a wide interest has been spurred by the inverse design of artificial layered heterostructures for nano-biophotonic applications. In particular, the extreme optical properties of artificial hyperbolic dispersion nanomaterials allowed access to new physical effects and mechanisms. The unbound iso-frequency surfaces of hyperbolic metamaterials and metasurfaces sustain virtually infinite photonic density of states, ultrahigh confinement of electromagnetic fields and anomalous wave propagation. Here, we present the physics of different deeply subwavelength layered heterostructures and how they allow light-matterinteraction at the single nanometer scale, including within living systems.


Giuseppe Strangi( is Professor of Physics and Ohio Research Scholar in Surfaces of Advanced Materials at Case Western Reserve University. He leads the Nanoplasm Labs ( at CWRU Cleveland, and he is research director of the National Research Council (CNR- Italy). Strangi is the President of the Scientific Committee of the Foundation “Con il Cuore”, a national foundation that supports cancer research in Europe and he is the General Chair of the International Conference – NANOPLASM “New Frontiers in Plasmonics and Nanophotonics”. Strangi research interests include condensed matter physics, nano-photonics and plasmonics of electromagnetic materials and cancer nanotechnology. He is fellow of The Institute of Science of the Origins, Case Comprehensive Cancer Center (CWRU) and Fellow of The Optical Society of America (OSA).

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